How It Works:

Air Quality Systems uses 2008 State of the Art truck mounted air duct cleaning system. On this truck we have both a very powerful vacuum and a large compressor. First we make sure your heating system is functioning and turn it off. We attach our large vacuum hose to first your supply main duct trunk line. We go to each register removing all the debris by the opening with a shop vacuum and place a cover over the register. After that is done; we lay out our air hose to the furthest register and then turn on our machine thus creating major negative air pressure throughout the supply duct system. From the furthest to the register closest to the main trunk line; we snake through an air whip that agitates and moves the debris to the main supply trunk line. When all the resisters are done; we proceed and clean the main supply trunk with the same process of whipping through the ducts.

The first phase of cleaning the supply duct system is done. Air Quality Systems cleans the blower, heating system, and checks/repairs minor leaks and reattach duct lines and registers. The second phase is ready to go. We repeat the process by cleaning the cold air return system using the same method as the first phase of cleaning. When our cleaning process is done we will either replace your old filter or clean it. Your HVAC system is clean; we turn it back on.

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Air Quality Systems
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